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The magic of train travel lies in its ability to provide an endlessly changing procession of landscapes and cultures.
Furthermore, connecting on intercontinental rail is more time-effective than waiting at airports.
Great train journeys across countries will capture moments in time to remember:
  • Venice Simplon-Orient Express VSOE; a journey of about 1 700km from Victoria Station London will cross Europe in 28 hours, ending in Venice.
  • The Swiss peak of perfection, the Glacier Express, will take you from St Moritz to Zermatt on a day-long journey through dozens of tunnels and breath-taking scenery.
  • The Trans-Siberian will occasionally pass an untidy village between Beijing and Moscow, but mostly the only human touch to the epic landscape is the telegraph poles.
  • On two different continents, you can travel from Vancouver on the Canadian west coast , through the Rockies to Montreal in the east, as well as Perth on Australia’s barren west coast, through the vast Outback until you reach Sydney on the East Coast

Rail Europe


For travellers intent on exploring and experiencing a country,
train travel has its rewards;
whether the snowscape of Siberia, or Japanese landscape at supersonic speed:
It is said that the best way to see a country, was from the window of a train.
• Canadian Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Montréal
• Orient Express through Siberian countryside from Moscow to Beijing
• Whisk by Shinkansen Bullit-train from Tokyo to Nagasaki
• Ski-jump on Glacier Express between St Moritz and Zermatt
• Crossing the Polar Circle from Oslo to the Arctic
As long as we can share a train window together

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