Your Honeymoon is probably one of your most remembered and special holidays in your life, whether you enjoyed the Tropical Sun or travelled through and experienced ancient cultures.

Our Specialist consultants at TRAVELwithus want you to enjoy this time with your most amazing person in the world, without any hiccups and by ensuring your dream perfect honeymoon with your life partner.

Below, you will find a few basic clues and tips to consider before you start planning your Honeymoon, remember our specialist consultants are always just a click away.

• Research or get Help. It won't be that portrait of perfection when you book the latest Special to some exotic Topical island and you arrive out of season only to spend seven all inclusive days with not a ray of sunlight, or the rooms does not bear a resemblance to the photos on the resort’s website.

• Do you want to spend most of your time on a beach, or would you like to be more adventurous and experience new cultures? If this is the case, how about South America, Croatia or Italy. Everyone has a different idea of a honeymoon. We cater for all.

• Always consider how much time you have. Remember when flying to a distant exotic destination, it would already be two days off your time spent at your destination.

• Consider your financial budget. Different islands and exclusivity would have a definite impact. For instance the Seychelles and Maldives are more expensive than Mauritius and Zanzibar for South African for example, but at the same time more exclusive.

• Be aware of hidden costs. Nasty surprises might await you on the other side. Transfers, activities, visa costs and vaccinations are an easy way to catch newly wedded love birds, off guard.

• Know your medical requirements, some countries (mostly Tropical regions) will not allow you in their country unless you have the proper medical vaccinations.

• Remember to know when and how to apply for visas if it is required. Some destinations does not require Visa’s which can save you time and money.

• We will always advise you to take out travel insurance to safeguard you against the unforeseen, see our easy to use TIC Insurance button on the Top navigation bar.

Popular destinations for South Africans are: South America, Europe and Italy, Thailand, Bali, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Seychelles and Maldives.

If you want to take out all the hassle of planning everything yourself remember a TRAVELwithus consultant is a click away.

Happy Planning and Congratulations!

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