The original meaning of the Swahili word safari, says much of precisely what it is, namely a “journey”, which developed into the modern version, namely a journey in a wild-life region, in order to experience nature itself, as well as its inhabitants. The most well-known safaris are to be found in Southern and Eastern Africa, where people who wish to go on an exciting vacation undertakes this type of trip into the wild.

Many different types of safaris are available, such as guided safaris just to view or photograph the wild-life, or even self-drive safaris as part of a group venturing into the unknown. But you can also participate in a walking safari, or a fly-in safari to a secluded venue in the wilderness.

Furthermore, some safaris may vary from basic, in which case you take some responsibilities by yourself, such as assisting with pitching a tent or preparing a meal, to luxurious, when you will be accommodated in luxury safari tents or lodges, being served exquisite cuisine al fresco style, and taken on game drives in air-cooled vehicles.

Amongst all these different types of safaris, we will assist you in choosing one that will fulfill your dreams. Karen Blixen, the writer of Out of Africa, already in 1918 said this in a letter to her mother: "There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne."

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