A Day on a cruise ship

A day on  a cruise ship

*A typical Day at Sea on a Floating Resort for you to Discover

You awake in the morning with the sun streaming in the window and the deep blue sea stretching out before you, to the horizon. Will you head to the promenade deck to meet the fitness director for a brisk morning walk or jog around the ship, or place a call to room service and indulge yourself in a leisurely breakfast in bed? You slip on your exercise clothes and you're off, but half an hour later you realize those walks through your neighbourhood will never measure up to the open-air laps you just took around your sleek ocean liner.

Back in your stateroom, you shower before heading to the formal dining room to enjoy a full-service breakfast. It's white table cloths and impeccably dressed staff, attentive to your every whim, but your casual dress is the norm for breakfast. By now, your waiter knows you by name and has prepared your coffee just the way you like it. The main dining room is rarely more than half full for breakfast, as many passengers choose the more casual, buffet-style restaurant. Will you try the Eggs Benedict today, or have the chef whip up an omelette? There's no need to check the price - all your meals are included.
You glance at your copy of the ship's daily program, which was slipped under your stateroom door the previous evening. This is your guide to the world of activities and events offered on board for that particular day - and there is something for every style and age. Perhaps you'll take part in the games and contests happening outside by the pool, or join an aerobics class or work out in the state-of-the-art gym. Perhaps you'll attend a lecture about the culture and history of the ports you'll be visiting, take a cooking, wine-tasting or computer class, or sign up for a ballroom dancing lesson.

If the kids have come along, they'll be plotting their very own schedule of activities for the day - treasure hunts, T-shirt decorating, and pizza parties at the Kid's Camp.

Later this afternoon, you could play a game of bingo or take a gaming lesson in the ship's casino. Perhaps you'll drop by the art auction or visit the ship's boutiques and duty-free shops. You and your shipmates can take part in a fun (and funny!) passenger game show in the ship's main show lounge. Try a Swedish massage or a relaxing and revitalising spa treatment. Or, if you are in a more leisurely mood today, just laze in the sun by the pool, or find a quiet spot in the library and curl up with a good book. There are cosy and private places to read on even the largest ships.

Think that cruises have a lot to offer during the day? When the sun goes down, shipboard life is just heating up! Before dinner, you may enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres while mingling with fellow guests. Single guests will enjoy meeting others who are on their own at the singles cocktail party or social. Then, enjoy a world-class meal in the main dining room, where the service and cuisine are exceptional. Of course, the buffet restaurant is still an option for dinner, and on many ships there are other specialty restaurants from which to choose.

After dinner, head off to the main show lounge: Enjoy a show performed by the ship's talented entertainment staff. The kids won't be left out of the fun at night; they may have their own dinner engagement this evening with some of their newfound friends. Later, while you are at the show, the older kids will have a blast at the teen disco, while the little ones watch movies and eat ice cream sundaes at the kids-only slumber party!

After a day custom-made to your tastes, you'll wonder what you ever did for excitement on dry land.

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