A place of living history and the most important country of the world when it comes to Christianity, Israel is the place where Europe meets the Middle East. Having such an immense cultural significance, Israel is a country with so many sights, that it is almost impossible to see them all, during a vacation.


Israel is easily accessible having 48 airports, the largest and most well-known being Ben Gurion Airport located near Tel Aviv.
A few cruise lines dock at Haifa as well as Ashdod. Private yachts may moor at six marinas: Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Akko, Ashkelon, Eilat and Herzliya.
Israel also accessible with a cruise, but mostly from Italy, Greece, Turkey etc.


Whilst there is no time of the year when visiting Israel is impossible or unpleasant, different seasons bring different weather conditions and Jewish and/or Christian festivals can dramatically change the character of a visit. Of course, the answer to the question of the best time to visit Israel depends on who you are and what you are interested in… Israel’s busiest months are usually August and October so if you are planning a trip during this time will require bookings made well in advance.
Summer Months from May – October, Temperatures cool down a bit between November and April.


Air conditioned Coaches – All the main tour operators run excursions from Tel Aviv all over Israel , By air conditioned coach.
Public transport / Roads - Israel has a good road network and most major car hire firms operate here. Driving on the right, Israelis use their horns a lot and tend to drive aggressively in cities but rural roads are not as congested.
Taxi’s– are metered and may be hailed on the streets. A ‘Sherut’ is a shared taxi, with a fixed price per passenger.
Light rail /subway - The 13 kilometer long Jerusalem Light Rail system began operation in August, 2011 and is due to be extended.


1. Countless amazing historical attractions. The number of historical attractions in Israel really might blow your socks off! From the legendary desert fortress of Masada, to the mind-blowing lanes and alleyways of the Old City in Jerusalem, to the ancient Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee, there’s quite literally something for everyone! Tel Aviv, and even the northern delights of the Golan Heights to enjoy.

2. Dive in Eliat. The wonderful coral reefs, the colorful fishes, the labyrinths, the gulfs and the deep canyons place the Red Sea into the list of the best places for scuba diving in the whole world. At Eliat, you can find corals on more than 1,200 meters along the shore. Don’t miss the Japanese Gardens, home of more than 270 coral species and 2,500 sea species.

4. Eat falafel. Either in the restaurant or in the street, if you’re hungry and want to fix the problem, the falafel is the quickest and most efficient solution. Originally from Egypt, this dish is available in the whole Middle East. It may contain fava beans or chickpeas, with specific falafel balls, salad, pickles and sauces, all packed up in pita-like bread, called lafa.

5. Float on the Dead Sea. If you wanna catch some sun and relax, don’t miss the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth, being almost 400 meters under the sea level and it has the largest concentration of salt than any other water on earth. And if you enjoy cosmetics, don’t leave without buying some from here.


• Accommodation
Hotels range from the simple hostels to luxury establishments, graded from two to five stars.
Some well- known hotel names ranging from the Hilton in Eliat, Leonardo Hotels in Tiberias and Ein Bokek (Dead Sea) or Crowne Plaza or The Grand Court Hotel in Jerusalem can be heard of in Israel.
For tourists on a budget, Kibbutz Hotels, of which there are around 280, provide a unique insight into the Israeli way of life and are mostly rural and informal.

• Restaurants
Nowadays, fine dining can be easily encountered from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to the hills of the Galilee. And some of the chefs are as skillful and ingenious as their colleagues in France!!

Tel Aviv look out for - Hatraklin Bistro Meat & Wine (Israeli ) Biggy Z – (American Pizza,Vegetarian).
Jerusalem look out for –Café Kadosh (warm atmosphere, wide menu and very popular) Topolino (both charming and vibrant, fresh food daily prepared on the spot (Italian Dishes is one of the specialities.)
Haifa look out for- Sinta-Bar (Burgers) Giraffe ( Asian Pacific) Café Greg ( Israeli)

For a more local experience and taste, Falafel stalls and cafes can be found literally anywhere in Israel and the popular “St Peter’s fish near Capernaum” is a real “get to eat with the locals experience” serving the catch of the day with a variety of salads. The best way to get the feel and very affordable.


• Eating or staying in a Kibbutz in Israel is a great way to get the feel with the locals, to eat and stay over with locals…leaves you feeling like as part of their world!
• Jerusalem’s annual Light festival
• Jerusalem Arts Festival
• Mini Art Exhibit - Jaffa
• Jordan River Park: river rafting and kayaking are on offer for the adventurous.


When the world’s leading travel advisor site talks, the world listens…and in late 2013 Trip Advisor announced their list of top destinations on the rise – and Jerusalem was in at No. 4! 3.54 million tourists cannot be wrong!! For those who know, it comes as no surprise, Jerusalem is simply a mind-blowing experience – so yes, add it to your bucket list, and fast!!

-Shannon Botha

Shannon is one of Sure Etnique Travel and TRAVELwithus's Professional consunsultants who currently was fortunate enough to visit the Israel in October 2013. Shannon has a passion for her beliefs and the country of Israel.

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