Safaris in Eastern Africa
East Africa

Safaris in the countries of Eastern Africa, namely Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda are arguably the best in the world for experiencing a true wild-life adventure. Whether it be a luxurious fly-in safari with accommodation in some of the finest lodges, a more budget conscious family excursion into the wilds, or even a romantic break-away, an intriguing, and sometimes humbling experience awaits those venturing into these unspoilt landscapes with its wondrous array of wild-life.

Just imagine yourself in hushed silence observing the endangered mountain gorillas, or the chimpanzees and golden monkeys in their natural habitat in the dense forests of Rwanda and Uganda. Perhaps you want to reach the summit of the mythical snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro close to the equator in Kenya, or observe the awe-inspiring migration of millions of wildebeest and other animals in the Serengeti National Park, or the Masai Mara, not only from the safety of a vehicle, but also slowly drifting over the spectacle in a hot-air balloon.
Or, you could go on an unforgettable game-drive in the fertile plains of Tanzania’s immense natural Ngorongoro crater, spotting the Big Five. From the rim of the 600m high crater, you will perhaps observe some herdsmen driving their cattle to fertile pastures. And, you can even compliment your safari with an excursion to the nearby spice island Zanzibar, for a few days of snorkeling in the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, or soaking up the sun on its brilliant white beaches.

A safari, into the pristine wildernesses of Eastern Africa will undoubtedly fulfill all your expectations.

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