Scuba Diving

Deep sea scuba diving
Deep Sea Scuba Diving and shallow Snorkeling

Submerge yourself in a world that exists on the edge of your imagination. Scuba diving and snorkelling is one of the most relaxing and awe inspiring activities to partake in, especially in tropical coral rich areas, where the marine life is famous for their amazing colours, shapes and sizes.

Scuba diving is for everybody, so long as you are medically fit to use the breathing equipment and able to help yourself in water. Although one needs to do a scuba dive certification course to obtain your basic open water accreditation, this is all part of the experience and fun (This can usually be done near the dive site or at your resort). The course usually entails a number of training sessions in a pool and theoretical knowledge to be studied. With so many types of diving available from open water to dive master, deep sea diving and even fresh water diving could be your new hobby for life.
And it need not be expensive since you can also rent your scuba gear from your dive centre.

Diving holidays may include staying on a liveaboard yacht on the Red Sea (Thailand, Maldives, and Caribbean etc.), combining it with your romantic break away in the Seychelles, or combining it with your family safari as Africa boasts some of the most significant diving spots in the world.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of diving with the “Raggies” on the Aliwal Shoal, dive the Blue Hole in Belize, experience the famous Thistlegorm wreck dive in the Red Sea or visit Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef, we will arrange your ultimate dive experience.

For those who want to keep closer to the shallows, snorkelling is a great and easy family fun experience.
Snorkeling is very safe and suitable for all ages, with the only prerequisite to be able to swim. Snorkeling is often done near shorelines and in relatively shallow water. Snorkeling equipment can often be rented from dive shops or resorts.

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