International Luxury travel market
ILTM Cannes France 2-5 December 2013

Every year during the first week in December some 650 Exhibitors, representing some 80 countries, formally meet Travel Buyers from around the world; this year in excess of 55 000 appointments were pre-scheduled over the four days in Cannes, France.

This year, Johann has been invited as a fully sponsored VIP Buyer; he also participated in a pre-tour two-day FAMTRIP to Normandy, France, sponsored by W TRAVEL FRANCE.
“At this year’s ILTM, it has been a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the world’s foremost travel operators and be exposed to new original travel ideas at various destinations; thus highlighting the latest trends and magic of travel around the world.”

Feedback from one of the Exhibitors from Japan:

Dear Johann,

It was truly a pleasure to meet you last week at ILTM. Of all our meetings, many of which have blended into a milky soup, our brief time with you stands out clearly. Perhaps because you were the only South African we met; perhaps because you were one of very few men with whom we spoke; but most likely because you made an indelible impression on all of us with your calm, measured words and obvious interest in and respect for Japanese culture. It struck us particularly hard, then, to receive the news of Mandela's passing the very next day…

In any case, while we understand how very far away we are from SA, we also hope that we'll have the opportunity to work with you and your clients at some point. (Or should you yourself make the trip, we'd be very happy to show you "our" Japan.)

All the best and happy holidays

Lauren Scharf
Editorial Director
The Art of Travel Japan

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