Cambodia is newly discovered jewel among the South East Asian tourist countries and is becoming a strong competitor to Vietnam and Thailand.
What makes Cambodia so attractive is that it is easily accessible through Thailand or Vietnam and could be a great add in conjunction with a Thailand of Vietnam Package. The perfect getaway for the explorer at heart Cambodia is full of promise e as long as one stays on the beaten track.

• Ankor watt temples
• Shopping in Phnom Penh
• Coast area and Beaches of Sihanoukville
• Mekong Discovery Trail
• Kampot east of Sihanoukville lies under the Bokor Mountain with the seaside resort Kep



A country long plagued by warfare and mass genocide is picking themselves up and developing into a rich and vibrant tourist destination.
Phnom Penh which is located on the junction of the Mekong and Tonle Sap and Bassac Rivers was once known as the Paris of the east because of its long occupation by the French (1969 -1953) and are full of discoveries form extravagant sanctuaries and temples such as the Vat Phom and the royal palace along with wonderfull markets to be found.


Fly in to Phnom Penh with regional Flights into Siem Reap.
Border entries from the North West border of Thailand at Poipet.
The main routes are accessible throughout the year by road as there is no train infrastructure, however be cautious throughout the wet season which could make some areas inaccessible due to the risk of floods and bad road conditions.


In General the best time to visit Cambodia and avoid the monsoon rains and humid tropical climate is the Dry season which stretches from November to May.

The cool season subsequently can be divided into the cool season which is November to February and the high humidity period from February to April this is a great time to explore the beaches Cambodia has to offer.

The rainy season is from June to October when flooding can occur and public transport is tested due to the muddy roads and high river levels. Though rainfall occurs mostly in the afternoons it is possible to visit the more popular tourist areas in this time for instance if you want a quite wanders through the eerie Ankor wat temple alone this would be your window.


Various Private bus Lines exist
Tuk Tuk and Moto is numerous and the normal mode of transport.
Bus line between Siem Reap and Phom Penh and Sihanoukville
Air travel in conjunction with Vietnam airlines offer flight between Siem Reap Pnom Penh and Ho Chow Minh City.


• SHOPPING – Traditional Sarongs, Silk product and scarves, Gems silver jewelry, baskets
• Angkor – Archeological site famous for its Hindu and Buddhists temple spread out throughout the jungle. The Angkor watt temple is the most famous and the temple mountains is also not overlook by the tourist masses
• Preah Vihear
• Old Capitol Oudong north of Phnom Penh
• Phnom Chisor and Phonm Da sanctuaries
• Kampot east of Sihanoukville lies under the Bokor Mountain with the seaside resort Kep lovely accommodation a day trip to Ankor Borei 3rd Century capitol of Cambodia
• Mekong Discovery Trail
• Fishing Villages of the Gulf of Thailand in the west. Sihanoukville is the well known coastal city with lovely laid back beaches.


• Beginning of April - Cambodian (Khmer) New Year
• November - Reversal of the waters festival on the Tonle Sap lake
• Nov – National Day

– Roan

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